Thursday, June 25, 2015

The A-Z of Black Eyed Boy. K is for ... Kissing.

I’m sure that our first kiss is something that we don’t ever forget. I loved writing Black Eyed Boy and being part of watching the teenage couple fall head-over-heels in love. It made me remember all of those times when I had a crush on someone and that intoxicating feeling of being in young love.

Emily, fifteen, has never been kissed. She falls hard for Dylan very quickly (I can’t say I blame her. Have you seen my cover?). And kissing his lips is all she can think about. She doesn’t have to daydream for too long though. I love their first kiss scene. I hope that you do too:

I never finished that sentence. Dylan cupped my face in his hands, turned my face towards his, and mid-way through my sentence he quite literally took the words from my mouth as he planted the softest kiss upon my lips. It was so soft that it was only just there at all. I felt his hot tongue slide in, so teasing, so slow, my body felt as though it was ablaze. I felt dizzy with my eyes closed but I didn’t dare to risk opening them and break the perfect spell. I was losing my head and all resolution, my name, and possibly my legs. I felt as if I was flying, soaring above myself in a cloud; I’d never known such intense delight. There was a pressure building inside me that I couldn’t contain even if I’d wanted to.
And with that, he pulled away.
And as I opened my eyes, he had gone.


Meet kissable Dylan

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