Saturday, June 20, 2015

The A-Z of Black Eyed Boy. E is for ... Eyes.

Eyes. Very important. They are what this trilogy is all about. Who is the black-eyed boy? He seems to have appeared from nowhere and why are his eyes so dark? Emily has an extensive list of questions as soon as she meets Dylan. And it’s a fair while until she starts to get any answers. I can’t say too much, in case you haven’t read the book, so here’s a few teasers.

Here are some excerpts from Black Eyed Boy, referring to the all-important mystery:

“Thank you,” I said, gazing into his eyes and thanking whatever had brought him into my life. A life that wouldn’t have been worth existing without him, now that there was barely anyone left in it.

I stared into the box and upon the white satin padding was an exquisite fine silver ring, adorned with a shiny perfect oval of black Whitby Jet. It looked so much like his eyes, both in shape and colour.

“Why are your eyes so dark?” I asked. “The others have the same eyes as you.”
Dylan didn’t move his gaze from the jewellery, but his back stiffened. I could tell that my question had made him uneasy.

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