Friday, July 10, 2015

The A-Z of Black Eyed Boy. Y is for ... YA.

I had never written one word, intended for a YA audience, before. And then, BOOM, before I knew it, I had written an entire novel aimed at young people. It came as a bit of a shock as I had never even thought about it. But I am so glad that I did. Writing about teenagers was a joy. They are still optimistic and have the world at their feet. They don’t have mortgage payments and are not stuck in a job they loathe. They are fresh and finding out who they are and what they want. I think they’re a lot more interesting than most adults in that regard.

It was lovely to see first love blossom too. Those kisses that mean everything and leave you feeling dizzy. The way your body lets you know that you might be ready for more. It made me rather nostalgic at times, remembering little snippets and emotions of memories from my own teenage years.

I have finished the sequel to Black Eyed Boy and it is now in the hands of the publisher. The contract has been signed, this week, and Green Eyed Girl will be out at the end of the year. I have started to write the third and final instalment. It will be a sad farewell to Emily and Dylan at the end of all of this. But, I have another book project lined up for afterwards. And it’s more for the YA audience. It will be completely different to Black Eyed Boy. But I already love the main character. I can hear her punchy words and the sarcasm thick in her voice. After that, who knows? But I’m not ready to move on from YA. They are the people I want to write for right now.

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