Sunday, July 5, 2015

The A-Z of Black Eyed Boy. T is for ... Travellers.

Dylan is a traveller. With the others, he rides around the country in a caravan. Sometimes they will stay in a location for a matter of days, sometimes for a few weeks. Before long, though, they long to see a different view and off they travel to somewhere new.

Emily thinks that Dylan’s life must be so romantic and she yearns for the same freedom that he appears to have. She’d fed up with her life and she has stopped seeing the charm and beauty of her home town. Dylan, however, reminds her of how much she has right under her nose. He is a huge fan of Whitby and he considers her to be extremely lucky that she gets to wake up in the same picturesque coastal town each morning. He also points out that his travelling lifestyle can make it difficult to make and maintain friendships.

Here is an excerpt from Black Eyed Boy:

 “I envy you,” I sighed, thinking about my forthcoming exams and envying him his freedom to travel, to see different places. It sounded like a dreamy adventure.
“I might settle one day, you never know,” he said, thoughtfully.
“Have you been to many places?” I asked him.
“All around the country, bits of Europe. Whitby’s nice, I like it here.”
“I’m so used to it that I don’t always see it anymore,” I admitted.
“Then open your eyes. Perhaps you should show me around and indulge the tourist in me?” he said, with that gradual and exquisite smile, a smile that could have asked for anything and would have got it.
“Maybe,” I said coolly, adding a faux blasé shrug, even though my heart was beating wildly at the prospect.
“Oh come on, when was the last time that you took a boat ride or went around the abbey?”

I couldn’t actually remember, it must have been when I was a small child.

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