Friday, July 10, 2015

Black Eyed Boy - What's the Story?

Black Eyed Boy is a contemporary romance novel. Yet so much more. It is written through Emily’s eyes. Emily is a fifteen year-old girl and she lives with her parents in Whitby, North Yorkshire. She is lonely at home; her father is far more interested in drinking and her mother seems eternally cocooned from life, trapped in a bubble of private depression. Emily’s only company is her best friend, Billy. They share a fun and easy companionship, until Billy begins to have amorous feelings towards her.
Early on in the story, it becomes apparent that all is not well at home and Emily soon finds herself having to be strong, brave and older than her years. She worries how she will cope after receiving some heart-breaking news. But, then her whole life is tipped upside down by the arrival of a mysterious and handsome (oh my goodness, so handsome) stranger in town.

The stranger is Dylan; a charming, travelling gypsy boy. He has the darkest eyes and he is incredibly tight-lipped about this. Emily is soon smitten and wishes to spend every waking hour with this gorgeous, cryptic boy that she is falling in love with.

And the feeling is mutual. They quickly embark upon a close and all-consuming relationship. But, tragedy strikes and Emily is soon drowning in grief and sorrow. Her best friend, Billy, can’t stand the fact that she has a boyfriend and the jealousy changes him. He goes from being her sweet, reliable ally to a spiteful and problematic element in her life. All of the rapid changes and traumatic events leave Emily feeling more alone than ever. She wants to turn to Dylan but he will not share his secrets with her; Emily needs to know what is going on but she starts to feel increasingly left out in the cold.

Eventually, Emily discovers the dark truth. And she can’t face it. Her instinct is to run and hide away. But gypsies travel and Dylan is leaving Whitby, with or without her.

Can Emily accept the powerful secret at Dylan’s core? Or is it all too much, is she supposed to be alone?

If you like any of these things, you are in for a treat: romance, love, lust, beautiful boys, strong teenage girls, emotion, secrets, darkness, twists, friendship, relationships, to weep into tissues, hope, endearing old ladies, evocative scenery, the seaside, rooting for the main character, remembering youth, first kisses.

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