Friday, April 10, 2015

Looking Back. Looking Forward.

A week has gone by. Black Eyed Boy, my first novel, was launched on Good Friday. And what a fabulous, exciting and emotional Good Friday it was. The day was filled with constant Facebook notifications. There were so many messages of congratulations. People wanted me to know that they had bought the book. Some were even reading it immediately. That made me nervous. You see, I love Black Eyed Boy. That’s good, I did write it. In some ways, it has become more than just a story. I have been living alongside these characters in my head for a while now, they are familiar friends and I can’t let them go. Not that writing the sequel has been calm and easy sailing. Though, perhaps that is for another blog post, another time.

The online launch party was fantastic. I laughed and cried through the entire time. From touching replies from an old friend from primary school to hilarious banter with some of my writing friends, it was a blast. Friends I have never met were encouraging their friends to buy a copy. I have never felt so much support and love from such a huge group of people before. I was amazed. However many times I could thank everyone, it would never be enough.

Then the first reviews started coming in as I bit off all my fingernails in a nervous anticipation. As silly as it may sound, I genuinely wept. I couldn’t believe the things that people were saying. They got it. I’d got what I wanted; readers rooted for Emily, were smitten with Dylan and completely went with the story I had created. Their words on Amazon have made me the happiest of all. That’s what it has all been about. I wanted to tell a good story that would capture the imagination. I wanted to create characters that felt real and that people would care about. Here are the reviews that have left me so emotional:

More. That’s what the reviews are asking for. Now, that I can do and I am more than happy to oblige. I love my characters very much and I am editing the sequel right now. Fans of Black Eyed Boy: fear not; they are coming back soon. I will just leave you with this … if Black Eyed Boy was the emotional one … then Green Eyed Girl is the intense one. *Super Vague Teaser Alert* Hee hee hee hee!

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