Thursday, April 2, 2015


I wrote a book. I wonder if anyone would be reading it now if I hadn't have submitted it to Crooked Cat Publishing? I have to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to husband and wife team, Laurence and Stephanie Pattison. They said yes. Having a publisher behind a story is something that I had always dreamed of. THANK YOU.

Thank you to the lovely Sue Barnard, an excellent editor. She did a brilliant job and she is also very friendly and supportive. THANK YOU.

Thank you to Glenn Kilpatrick who kindly allowed me to use his beautiful photographs of Whitby on my launch page. Glenn is an extremely talented photographer with such a generous spirit. THANK YOU.

To my partner, Elliot, who has had to put up with my endless Black Eyed Boy related chatter ... my word, you are a patient man. THANK YOU.

Finally, to everyone who has attended my online launch party, showed interest, been happy to retweet, has liked my quotes, has bought the book or provided advice and support ... AN ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE THANK YOU.

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