Saturday, April 7, 2018

As She Sleeps.

As she sleeps,
She sees him.
They meet in dreams
And it’s like the good old days
Of tipsy laughter
And golden memories.
That time he pushed her
Against the filing cabinet at work
And kissed her until
She was a hot mess.
When she tired of him
Talking on the telephone,
So she invented ways
To cheekily distract.
When he defended her
From the bullies.
He would fight her corner.
Does he remember that?
She sleeps,
Though still feels his touch.
An expert.
A PHD in her body.
She dreams of babies.
Still feels the contractions.
But, she sees him
Holding her hand.
Slumber brings milky smiles
And the smell of Johnson’s Shampoo.
Pure yellow sunshine
In a bottle.
She sees pushchair walks
And dropped toys.
She hears sad wailing.
She recalls the retraced steps.
She dreams
Of family holidays.
Arcade machines
And perfect harbour views.
She dreams of banter
And flirtation.
Her cheeks redden;
The shade of her favourite scarlet cardigan.
As she sleeps,
She forgets
That he’s no longer there.
Until she wakes.
And it’s bittersweet,
Until it’s just bitter.
But, as she sleeps,
She sees him.

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