Thursday, March 8, 2012


‘I see surprise’, the fortune teller almost whispered. I was surprised I was actually here. How had I let my sister talk me into this nonsense? I nodded, mutely, in her direction.

‘And rain, lots of rain,’ she dramatically announced, gasping, and using pitter-patter hand gestures. I bit my bottom lip, wishing I’d checked the weather report. I was wearing my new suede boots.

‘I see a large vehicle. It’s hazy but I sense danger’, she shrieked, with a horror stricken face.

This was ridiculous and I’d had more than enough. I, begrudgingly, threw her a note of far more value than she deserved and stomped out. The sunshine of ten minutes ago had been replaced with a miserable downpour. I was surprised, and rummaged in my handbag for my umbrella. I put it up and tried to shield myself from the harsh rain. I hurried across the road, slipping as the heel of my boot snapped and saw the truck hurtling towards me.

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