Thursday, March 8, 2012

A day in the life of Josie Jeffries.

Sometimes entire weeks go by without anything exceptional happening. Sometimes people pack lifetimes into a single day. Take the case of Josie Jeffries.

Josie Jeffries woke up on Monday morning at , as she always did, resenting the alarm clock and the cold November air. But rather than hitting the usual snooze button, she accidentally turned the alarm off.

Josie knew that she was late the second her eyes opened; the immediate panic dragged her out of bed. It was . She was due at work in two minutes. She threw her make-up into her bag, picked up her heels, plotted her excuses and ran to the bus stop.

The bus driver was having a bad day, so although he had spotted the stressed young woman hurrying to make it to the stop, he wasn’t feeling charitable so he continued, refusing to stop, to change her luck and rescue an already bad day in the making.

Josie cursed him with several of her favourite expletives, even inventing some new ones in the process. A car pulled up beside her, the window lowered.

‘Hey, its Josie isn’t it? You work in my office don’t you? I’m Ryan. Do you need a lift?’

Josie leaned into the car and recognised the cute guy from marketing.

‘You’re a lifesaver. I’m running so late and my boss is going to freaking kill me. Thanks mate’, she said, slipping into the passenger seat.

‘She’s not so bad’, he disagreed, pulling out into the busy traffic.

‘You must be joking? I’ve had about a billion warnings. That old cow’s been breathing down my neck for months’, Josie groaned.

‘She’s my Mum’, he winced, scrunching up his face at the awkwardness of it all. Josie was horrified.

‘Are you freaking kidding me?’ Josie asked, very much hoping for this to be the case.

‘I’m afraid not. Just explain what happened. I’m sure it will be fine’, he tried to placate her.

It wasn’t fine, she got a mouthful the second she arrived at her desk, one which included the words final warning. Josie sloped off to the bathroom to calm down, collect her thoughts and apply her make-up. As she finished her mascara, in walked her boss who went absolutely ballistic that, after a final warning, Josie chose to immediately waste company time to paint her face. Could Josie please leave? Dismissed, sacked, get out, fired, so many words echoed around the cubicles.

A shocked Josie went to collect her belongings and shot an angry look at Ryan. He mouthed so sorry across the room and made a motion to suggest a drink. Josie nodded yes and five fingers to indicate the time. After a thumbs up and pointing downstairs, they had silently and successfully, planned a date. Josie was rather amused by this new development and stuck up two specific fingers to his mother, on her way out.

Josie stomped to the job centre, she couldn’t afford to hang around, and she needed another job right away. Perhaps early morning office vacancies were something she ought to avoid, she thought.

She called one of the telephone numbers which turned out to be the swingers club, just out of town, they were looking to hire a bar assistant. Josie resisted the urge to laugh and she took the job right there and then, on the premise of how funny it would be, from now on, when anyone asked what she did for a living.

With so much time still to spare, she sauntered around the shops. Despite repeatedly telling herself to behave and not to buy anything, she had soon maxed out the remaining balance of her credit card with a little black dress and a pair of skyscraper heels.

She ducked into a restaurant and changed into her new purchases in a toilet cubicle, she was pleased with her reflection in the mirror. She settled in the bar, below the office and waited for Ryan.

She tried to make her drinks last but she’d had three glasses of wine by the time he turned up and she was feeling quite tipsy.

‘Ryan!’ she hollered excitedly as he entered the bar.

‘Don’t tell me you’ve been here since this morning?’ he questioned, noticing her self-made merriment.

‘Of course not. I had a very productive day after your mother cruelly fired my ass. I landed a new job. I’m working at the swingers bar now’, Josie guffawed, loud enough for the next table to hear all her revelations. Ryan laughed.

‘Well that’s different. Listen, I am so sorry about what happened. I feel terrible’.

‘Not your fault is it? It doesn’t matter now. Buy me a drink and we’ll call it quits’. She flirted with him, making sure he got an eyeful of thigh and leg. He wasted no time in lining up the beverages.

‘You are totally crazy, Josie Jeffries’, he sniggered as she recounted her bizarre day.

‘Maybe’, she said, knocking back another glass of wine.

‘How often do you have zany days like this?’ he quizzed, drinking more quickly as he was aware that she’d had quite a head start.

‘It happens every now and again. I have had a few first experiences today though’, she giggled, ‘so, anyway, please tell me you don’t still live at home with Mummy dearest?’

He blushed scarlet, she’d clearly hit a nerve. She groaned, pouring another chardonnay into her surprisingly empty glass.

‘I’m saving up, I’ve almost got a deposit’, he offered sheepishly.

‘Well, we’ll just have to go back to my place then, won’t we?’ she slurred, taking another gulp. Ryan was shocked; he’d never met someone so forward. He was still a virgin so tonight looked to be a first experience for him too.

‘Come on then Ryan, let’s get a taxi’, she stood up and swayed, off-kilter and Ryan helped to steer her out without mishap.

Josie kissed him in the back of the cab, and made a point in making sure he saw her slip off her knickers. The taxi driver noisily cleared his throat and raised his eyebrows at Ryan in the mirror. Part of him was mortified but mostly he found himself aroused beyond all belief at the exciting antics of Josie Jeffries.

They’d barely got through the door when she pounced, her fingers fiddled with his zip, she kissed his neck, placed his hand up her dress which all gave him several electrifying jolts.

She pulled him up the stairs to her unmade bed and removed her clothing, revealing her naked body to him. Ryan couldn’t undress quickly enough. They fell into bed where Josie was ardent yet clumsy. Ryan didn’t last very long, forgivable as this was his very first endeavour. She didn’t mind, she tired quickly and told him to stay, to go to sleep.

So they did. His arms held her all night long and his seed make secret contact with her egg. Another brand new first experience for Josie Jeffries on this action packed one day.

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