Monday, May 9, 2016


Eccentric quirkiness
Delights and amuses.
Constant chatter
With kooky tangents,
Like growing tree branches
Or a busy map;
Lines lead
And cross over.
A long and interesting life
Makes for many stories.
Tales of dear friendships
And a Sheffield childhood.
Tales of art and creativity
And the Cathedral.
Sometimes, she’s naughty
And eats crisps
And chocolate,
But we laugh
Because we’re just the same.
Similar in so many ways:
Excitable conversation
And moments of inspiration.
She doodles on envelopes,
The pen comes alive
With her lively drawings;
Skilled illustrations.
But she talks of going,
Of fading now.
And tears sting my eyes.
I can’t imagine that.
I have never met anyone like her.
Eighty-four and full of vitality.
And a wonderful mischief
Dances in her eyes.
I like to watch her smile
And love to hear her laugh.
She’s unique.
You won’t find another Jean,
Even if you searched the world,
Until the end of time.
Caring for feline friends,
She has a beautiful soul.
And she is loved,
And that is why I can’t –
And won’t-
Imagine a world without her.
I don’t think she knows
That she plays such a big part
In mine.

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