Thursday, March 7, 2013


She waits, her pale legs dangle and her feet ripple the water. The sun is setting, gold meets orange meets pink. She can’t wait much longer.

Her reflection does not lie, she sweeps her red curls away from her face, and she sees the palpable sadness in her dark eyes,

She wants to love him, to take him away from his hushed and stale life. She adores him and wishes him to leave his tiresome wife.

The sun barely lingers, it begins to disappear behind the black silhouette hill. Her heart breaks and her legs fade. She slides into the water and thrashes her scaled tail. She hesitates and takes one last look towards the sandy path. Nothing. She submerges her naked body and swims down to the murky depths. Tears salt the sea.

He parks the car and he scans the shore. He runs to the edge, cursing the heated domestic argument which has made him so late. Nothing. Just the sea. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be.

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